As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and the related needed social distance, it became rather challenging to have effective communication in noisy logistic- and production environments. With an AXIWI® headset, you can overcome this barrier. 

Recently, current and new customers have opted for the wireless AXIWI headsets to guarantee clear communication, hygiene and safety in these environments.

In this article we describe how some of Axitour’s clients use the system in a production environment, such as: Brevé Tuinhout, Technische Unie, Sanorice and HAK.


In our previous blog we discussed the advantages of using a duplex communication system in a noisy logistic or production environment. More often, clients ask us how our systems can contribute to Corona proof communication in such an environment. That is why, in this blog, we discuss the different applications and many possibilities of the AXIWI® communication system in a noisy logistic or production environment.

Communication during different work processes and departments

At workplaces, there can be different departments or different work processes. The wireless AXIWI® communication systems have multiple radio channels so that the staff can work together in different groups. It is also possible to switch between the groups. It allows employees from various departments to inform and communicate with each other remotely quickly. It makes it possible to work more efficiently and more relaxed. At “Hak” the sets are also used, for example, when several technicians have to work on a machine simultaneously, within 1.5 meters.

Coaching staff during training

During staff training, a coach likes to look over “the shoulder” of the person he is instructing. It is no longer possible with the 1.5-meter measure. Thanks to the wireless headsets, the 1.5-meter effort, can be handled better by the coach during training sessions. In this way, the coach and trainee understand and can hear each other at all times, without having to shout.

Coaching ‘in’ the moment

Via an open line, the trainer can, remotely, ‘in’ the moment, effortlessly coach several trainees. In an average distribution centre, it is hectic, and that produces noise. The clear and understandable audio via the wireless AXIWI® headset provides more peace of mind for the trainer and students.

Instructing new personnel and temporary workers in a factory

In specific periods of the year, a company like HAK needs to employ many extra temporary workers. These persons must get instructions for their task in the factory in a noisy environment. But communication at a distance of more than 1,5 meter is not possible. To solve this issue, the company is now using our AXIWI® headset. They can hear each other loud and clear at the distance of 1,5 meter or more

Also for communication during guided factory tours

  • In production and warehouse halls, guests come to visit for various reasons; relations, suppliers, quality officials and much more. It is crucial that you can communicate clearly with each other, and that is not always possible in a noisy environment. Axitour’s communication systems can offer a solution to improve the intelligibility of mutual communication.

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