welcome at the axiwi configurator

Welcome to the AXIWI Configurator!

With the AXIWI Configurator, you can quickly and easily put together your own AXIWI set. You can indicate in the Configurator how many people you want to put together a set and which headsets and accessories you prefer. As soon as you have completed the Configurator’s 7 steps, we will immediately show you the costs for your composite AXIWI set in the overview.


If desired, we can send you the quotation (PDF) directly by e-mail based on the data you have entered in the AXIWI Configurator. You do this by entering your contact details in the overview (step 7).


Contact with our product experts

If you have requested the quotation, you can choose to directly purchase the composite kit or go through the quote with one of our product experts. Then you are sure what you order, matches your wishes and application.


Points to note when completing the Configurator

  • For a fully functioning AXIWI communication system, at least the following products and accessories required: 2 AXIWI units, 2 headsets/earpieces, 1 transport case, 1 charger (2-port) and 2 charging cables.
  • Note that the number of people for whom you want to compile a set also selects the same number of headsets.
  • AXIWI units operate on a charged battery via a USB charger (with USB cable). When selecting the charging option, keep in mind that the number of ports on the charger corresponds to the number of units you want to charge. Do not forget to select the USB cables in the Configurator.


Order the products selected in the Configurator directly

  • Abroad we work together with local resellers. If you want to order the products you selected in the Configurator directly, please send us an e-mail (info@axitour.eu) or describe this request in the comment box (step 7 Configurator). We will inform the local reseller, so that he will get in touch with you and process your order as soon as possible. Please note: our resellers’ prices may differ from those of Axitour Communication Solutions.


Start Configurator!

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