About Axitour Communication Solutions

AXIWI is an Axitour private-label product. Axitour is the ultimate  supplier of wireless communication systems such as audio communication systems and GPS systems for self- guided tours. Our systems are used in many different applications in which  communication plays an important role, such as in  guided tours, excursions, congresses, meetings,  simultaneous translations  and  calamities. Axitour’s customers operate in various industries  like tourism, amusement, industry and various emergency  services.


Sale and rental of communication systems

Communication systems which Axitour provides for can either be  bought or rented. Adequate solutions for buying or renting  GPS or  audio communications systems  are optional, too. Finally, Axitour offers services such as handing  out and collecting  systems on site, project management, as well as   making   audio and video contents .


Axitour Communication Systems  believe in connecting people through clear communication  in order  enhance the experience. Good communication with each other seems to be obvious, but it’s certainly not. Axitour offers several communication solutions to connect people and groups directly, easily and wirelessly. We ensure that your initiative or event  will be better, safer, clearer and more welcoming.


Communication systems for several applications


Customer service


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