The referees of the European Minifootball Federation will work with AXIWI during the EURO 2024 which will be held from 1 until 9 June in Sarajevo. Axitour Communication Solutions will provide their AT-350 AXIWI communication system, for the referees and observers, during the EMF EURO 2024.

EURO 2024

The AXIWI sets are being used in Sarajevo for the EMF Euros 2024 where teams from 24 different countries are playing to find out who will be European Champions of this incredible 6 a side brand of football.

Chairman of the EMF referee committee Martin Cassidy said: “AXIWI are one of our valued partners and their sets have been proven to be invaluable in controlling our games at this year’s most prestigious EMF Event where a refereeing team from 12 different country’s our using the sets in teams of 4 including a VAR. We have already had a match winning decision award  by VAR which could only have happens with the use of these amazing electronic communication kits.”


About the European Minifootball Federation

EMF, is the governing body of minifootball at European level, its purpose is to promote, supervise and direct minifootball in Europe, as a means to contribute to the positive development of society.
The federation was founded in 2012 and is registered as a non-profit association in Prague and Budapest. The EMF’s primary founders were Razvan Burleanu, currently president of the Romanian Football Federation and Filip Juda, president of the World Minifootball Federation (WMF). The EMF is the top European organization representing the sport of minifootball. It is part of the global minifootball structure under the WMF and serves as large “umbrella”, under which European minifootball organizations are sheltered. This is facilitated through the way the EMF is organized. It has a specific structure and has instituted effective control mechanisms to secure the continuous development of the sport it represents.

referee headset for football

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