BTS Hockey and Axitour are delighted to announce a new partnership. Axitour Communication Solutions (Axitour) is the supplier of the AXIWI umpire communication system. These communication systems contribute to faster communication between umpires, and they will also be used for the guidance/training of starting umpires. In this partnership Axitour will provide the umpires of BTS Hockey with the AXIWI wireless communication system. 

AXIWI® – Sports headset supplier

AXIWI has grown into an international sports brand that facilitates referees with clear and effective communication during sports matches. Referee associations use the headsets to train starting and talented referees. The systems are also increasingly being used within sports clubs by the staff, the medical team, and other sports officials. The communication system offers up to six people the opportunity to communicate with each other simultaneously and hands-free.

Partnership will boost umpire education of BTS Hockey

Both parties look forward to the collaboration. Niklas Braun, Deputy Head Hockey Department of Bayreuther Turnerschaft (BTS), believes that the systems will boost the development of umpires: “Field hockey is a very popular sport for girls and boys also in Germany. Every club needs to provide a sufficient number of umpires to run the regular season matches – youth umpires, who are only slightly older than the players, for youth matches.

The club Bayreuther Turnerschaft (BTS) has deployed a program to educate young players to also become good umpires. Once basic rules are understood and applied, we want to start working in detail on managing a match.

Professional umpire intercoms like the devices from AXIWI will boost this part of our education. The two umpires now have the chance to communicate hands free at any time during the match. Now four eyes are preparing the right decisions.
The biggest contribution from headsets is, that one umpire can reconfirm decisions and thus give confidence and mental support. During a hockey game, the two playing teams are mentally and physically supporting one another continuously. Umpires without headsets have only very little means to do so. The newest devices from AXIWI (AT-350) are very simple to use, light weight and robust.

When running ‘training matches’, the technology from AXIWI allows an ‘umpire coach’ to listen to the communication between the two umpires on the field. We now have the chance to understand, what was discussed, and which aspects of the situation were considered when taking decisions. At the same time, the own microphone can be turned on/off, so that the umpire communication is not impacted or even influenced by the umpire coach.”

Michel Engelen, Director of Axitour, said about the collaboration: “We are already very active in both national and international field hockey as well as other sports. We supply the AXIWI communication system to the top referees and Field Hockey Associations worldwide. The collaboration with BTS Hockey contributes to our plans for growth in Germany and offers us the possibility to improve the level of officiating in this region. Our aim is to supply more sports clubs in Germany with our systems and contribute to the further professionalization of officiating in the sport.”

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NEWS: World football association FIFA puts Axitour with AXIWI® on list ‘referee communication systems’