In this blog article you can read about the benefits of working with a duplex communication system, such as the AXIWI, in a factory or production environment. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the social distancing as a result, the use of a tour headsets for factories offers a solution to carry out work processes efficiently and effectively.

tour headsets for factories unit

Below we have listed the most important benefits of using tour headsets for factories. Because it is not clear to everyone what duplex communication, like AXIWI is, the definition is given below:

Full-duplex communication means that one can establish a connection while simultaneously exchanging information in both directions. From sender to receiver and from receiver to sender. It is comparable to a telephone conversation.

  1. Communicate discreetly at an appropriate distance. During the time of the Coronavirus, we must keep a minimum length of 1.5 meters from each other, also in factories. By using wireless communication systems, you can easily (hands-free) communicate with each other remotely; fully compliant with social distancing.
  2. Avoid the risk of contamination. Because you can communicate at an appropriate distance with tour headsets for factories, there is less risk of infection. It reduces the chance that colleagues infect each other and possibly become ill.
  3. No problems with ambient noise. In factories, there is often a lot of ambient noise from machines. With a wireless communication system, you ensure that you do not suffer from this in mutual communication. In the nowadays time of the Coronavirus, we have to keep a distance between each other of minimum 1,5-meter, and this makes good communication difficult. With the AXIWI headsets, you can have an open 2-way communication even in a loud environment.
  4. Collaborate even better. With headsets, collaboration with colleagues is even easier because you can communicate with each other in a task-oriented manner and, if necessary, coach each other. Up till now, you had to shout to hear and understand each other.
  5. Effective coaching of trainees. Staff in factories are also trained. In this situation communication between trainer and trainee is essential. With factory headsets, a trainer can remotely coach a trainee. He can coach the student “in” the moment and making the learning curve faster.