SanoRice is a proud Dutch family business with a rich history and a bright future. The company has grown into the largest private label producer of rice, corn and multigrain waffles in the world. The company is in full swing, because the demand for dry food has only increased due to the Corona crisis.

Communicate with social distancing in production environment

Due to the Coronacrisis, at SanoRice we searched for solutions for our production-environment to maintain measures such as social distancing. Keeping the necessary distance during a meeting, in a production environment, where it is noisy in some places, proved to be very difficult.

Trainers ‘coach’ trainees with AXIWI

We found the solution in the AXIWI AT-350 and use it specifically for our trainers and trainees, who are normally close to each other. By using the AXIWI headsets they can give the training hands-free, while respecting the distance measure of 1.5 meters. After the given training, colleagues can also work in a different place and still regularly ‘check in’ (read: listening in) to hear whether everything is going well.

Communicating pleasantly … even after the Coronacrisis

We will continue to use AXIWI after the Coronacrisis, because we notice that it is much more pleasant for the trainer in question; He does not have to raise his / her voice continuously and can quickly check how the trainee is doing without leaving the workstation. I am very satisfied with fast and clear service by the Axitour employees, highly recommended!

Annelies Weymeels

Adjunct General Manager