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Since the coronavirus outbreak, production companies have an increasing need for wireless communication systems. Now that we are working with 1.5 meters distance, it is even more challenging to work together efficiently in a production environment. The use of a wireless duplex communication system, such as AXIWI®, provides a solution. Via wireless headsets, colleagues can still communicate clearly and stay in contact with each other, despite the noise of the machinery.

Efficient group communication

Wireless communication systems are used in production companies to communicate easily and quickly with each other. Whether it concerns conversations between colleagues with the same responsibilities, or various fields or between one or more departments; it is possible to work more safely and efficiently while guaranteeing the quality of the work processes.

Education of ‘trainees’ using a headset

Communication systems are also used to train staff in production environments. Before the corona crisis, a trainer and trainee were able to stand close to each other. This is currently not possible. By using a wireless communication system, the trainer can instruct the trainee hands-free via a headset, with proper regard for the distance measure of 1.5 meters. After a brief instruction, colleagues can each work at a different location and still regularly ‘check in’ (read: listen in) with each other to see if everything is going well and to give feedback if necessary.

Even after the corona crisis

Companies that work with duplex communication systems respond positively. It’s nice not to have to raise your voice continuously and to be able to remotely check how things are going, without having to leave your workplace immediately. The quality of the headsets and excellent hearing protection also contribute to a safer workplace.

Duplex communication systems are used for many more communication purposes. For example guided tours, congresses, meetings, simultaneous translation, calamities and in sports; for coaching and contact between referees during matches.

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