This blogpost is written by Albin Wrångemyr

When I officiate as a football or futsal referee, I use my AXIWI headset (AT-350 model). It’s incredibly helpful throughout the game because it helps us three referees communicate anything happening during the game, everything from which team should be awarded the throw-in or if a player should receive a warning. An example from the past season is when a mass confrontation occurred during the game’s final minutes, you can see in the video below.


The AXIWI headset is functional when we, as referees, can communicate in real-time and help each other make the right decisions and take the correct positions. In this instance, I tell my Assistant Referee 1 to come to help me clear out the confrontation. At the same time, I can inform Assistant Referee 2 to monitor the team’s benches. When the conflict was over, all three referees could discuss which players we would have to penalize efficiently.


Another situation where the headset helps during a match is during a counterattack. As the head referee, my main task is to focus on the play, let my assistant referee focus on what’s happening behind my back where I can’t see, and then report to me in real-time. If we are not working with headsets, one of us could easily miss a situation behind the referee’s back during a counterattack and let the game continue. However, with a headset, I can get input from my assistant, blow the whistle immediately when a situation occurs behind my back, and penalize the player. So, the AXIWI headset has helped me make more correct decisions during the past season.

I’m looking forward to the new season 2024 and being supported by my AXIWI headsets.

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