Wireless duplex communication systems (headsets) are increasingly being used to train and coach staff in factories. Before the Corona crisis, a trainer and trainee could be close to each other. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible due to the 1.5 meters distance that we have to keep. By using a wireless communication system, the trainer can instruct the trainee hands-free via a headset.

In this blog article we will discuss the benefits of using headsets for coaching staff in factories and production environments; rooms and spaces with a lot of ambient noise.

tour headsets for factories unit

The advantages:

  1. It is Corona proof. With a wireless factory communication system it is easy to communicate with each other responsibly at 1.5 meters, even if there is a lot of ambient noise in the environment due to, for example, a machine park. The wireless communication via the headsets ensures that the trainer and the trainee can communicate safely and at an appropriate distance.
  2. Coaching “in” the moment. As a trainer you can coach the trainee ‘in’ the moment, which speeds up the trainee’s learning curve. Whatever you give feedback on, the trainee can then immediately practice and apply it in practice.
  3. Professionalize the training. Clear communication cannot be taken for granted in an environment with a lot of noise. It can therefore be very disturbing when you want to coach and train staff and you cannot easily communicate with each other or even have to shout. This takes a lot of time and prevents proper training of the staff. With a wireless headset for factories a trainer can coach the trainee quickly, clearly and directly, without having to shout. That works very well for the coach and staff.
  4. Evaluate effectively. Important learning points can be discussed directly by the trainer and trainee during training in the production environment via the wireless headsets. And therefore the learning points will not be forgotten and will speed up the learning curve.
  5. Good cooperation. If several trainees are involved in group communication, to fulfill a task or process, the trainer can directly observe how the team reacts to situations and how communication takes place. He can then analyze what can be improved. It also appears that training with headsets gives a trainee more confidence in the task or process. He knows that someone is watching and listening via the headsets and can provide him / her with immediate feedback.

Conditions for proper use of wireless factory communication systems

Before you decide, with a group, to work with a wireless communication system, in a factory or a production environment, it is important to make agreements with each other about how you communicate with each other. What do you say and what don’t you say? And for example; do you use certain “keywords”?

Think carefully about the above matters in advance, because that benefits the cooperation and clarity in communication.