This blog was written by Colin Smits, referee FCE TalentCup

It was a relief to be able to use the AXIWI headsets during the FCE Talent Cup. Not just because it improves the team effort, it helps portray a professional look and acceptance of decisions from the teams and supporters.

As a referee, I frequently noticed that it feels good being ‘confirmed’ during the games with observations which causes more trust in my decisions. Besides that, it helps with a better overall view of what’s happening during the game. That way, other (assistant)-referees can tell you what they observe in zones out of your sight. And with (direct) verbal communication, you can overcome stressful situations and get more team and spectators’ trust. So I’m delighted to have the opportunity to use the AXIWI headsets and hope I’ll be working with them more frequently soon. This is a positive addition for every referee trio.

referee headset for football

NEWS: World football association FIFA puts Axitour with AXIWI® on list ‘referee communication systems’