On the recommendation of friends, we bought an AXIWI communication set. Our friends sail the world and are delighted with the AXIWI communication system.


It is often difficult to communicate during harbour manoeuvres, anchoring or passing a lock on a sailing ship. As you may know, the best helmsmen are ashore, but we no longer need those helmsmen since we have the wireless headsets from AXIWI. We speak calmly when my husband is on the foredeck, and I give him directions via the AXIWI headsets. It’s even easier now that we have a custom headset. Many sailors ask about our experiences because you don’t see it much in water sports yet. No more yelling or frustration because you don’t understand each other now that we communicate with AXIWI. We highly recommend AXIWI!

Edith and Eric
“Zoute Liefde”