At the University of Twente, the MESA+ Institute for nanotechnology has a cleanroom equipped with dedicated research on and manufacturing nanotechnology-related devices. Due to the Covid-19 regulations, we have to adapt our training and tool instructions for new cleanroom users. This means wearing face masks during the hands-on instructions. This complicates communication. With the AXIWI AT-350 communication system, we can communicate properly despite the face masks and the background noises. The first test with five people in a group communicating all together was satisfactory, so we ordered the AT-350 systems with standard headsets.

About the MESA+ NanoLab of University Twente 

Since 2003, the MESA+ NanoLab provides an open-access infrastructure for research and innovation in nanotechnology for:

  • Researchers from MESA+ research programs and other research institutes
  • Spin-off companies, small- and medium-sized enterprises
  • Research projects with large, multinational companies

The NanoLab offers several technology platforms to develop nanostructures and systems.

meso nanolab using axiwi communication system