The preparation for the new korfball season will start in mid-August. Also, for us as referees. Then we want to take as many practice matches as possible in preparation for the new season.


Two referees see more than one. As a couple, you can communicate clearly via the AXIWI AT 320-M before, during and after the competition. The AXIWI AT 320-M communication system, in combination with the HE-075 headset, works well. With the included shoulder strap, you can carry the transmitter comfortably on your arm, and the unit is not in the way. Starting up the units takes place in a few steps, and you are connected to each other. We do this process before our warm-up starts. Then we start with the competition preparation, and we are in wireless contact with each other if we have to consult remotely.

During the competition, the in-ear earplug and the headset’s earpiece ensure that the earpiece does not move and remains in position, so you do not have to worry about it. In addition, the crackle-free sound and the ambient noise suppression ensure that you understand each other well.

We like to use the AXIWI AT 320-M because of the small unit’s user-friendliness and low weight, and high (sound) quality. But also the durability: the battery lasts a long time and is also charged in no time.

Coaching referees

The AXIWI AT 320-M is mainly used during competitions but will also be used within the association to guide new referees. For example, during the match, you can immediately give tips to a beginning referee that the referee can apply directly.


Before the AT 320-M was purchased, alternatives were looked at. Unfortunately, the alternatives were not suitable due to the size of the transmitter, the short battery life and the slow charging time. The AT 320-M, with a small transport case, is simple to operate, easy to use, and gives you what you need as a referee.

At AXIWI, we take a serious look at what you need and give appropriate advice so that you can go to your match satisfied. A must for every referee!

referee headset for football

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