The benefits of using headsets in your referee academy

Coaching starting and talented referees with headsets

More and more referee academies are choosing for working with headsets for coaching referees during games. With a communication system (headsets), an observer can coach and support the young and talented soccer referees directly during the game. An often placed question is: What are the benefits of using headsets for our referee academy?”

 In this blog, we have listed the benefits for the academy, the observer and last but not least; the referee.

Benefits for the referee academy

  1. Professionalization referee academy;
  2. Referees develop their skills faster;
  3. Confident referees, fewer dropouts;
  4. Quality improvement ‘coaching’ observers;
  5. A tool for coaches to coach the referees more effective and efficient.

Benefits for the observer / referee coach 

  1. Give feedback to the referee in the field during the game, directly. Coaching is not limited to halftime, before or after the game;
  2. The observer can’t only see how the referee reacts to different game situations, but he can also hear the conversations between the referee (other referees) and a soccer player;
  3. Referees get more confident;
  4. More focus on coaching.

 Benefits for the referee 

  1. Fast learning and development: positioning, running lines, communication, behaviour etc.;
  2. More rapid learning curve; development;
  3. Quick and effective evaluation with the observer;
  4. Leading games with more confidence.

Condition for working with headsets as a referee

An often-heard condition for working with headsets is that referees need to master the basics of refereeing, like:

  • Knowing the rules of the game;
  • How to communicate with colleagues and game participants.
  • Experiences in refereeing during games without headsets.

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PRESS Release: KAA Gent Referee Academy innovates with AXIWI

The KAA Gent Referee Acadamy keeps fulfilling its role as an innovator and educator of young soccer referees. This time with the innovative AXIWI wireless communication systems(often called headsets) for young referees’ coaching. Using the headsets with the referees in training, the observer can coach the referees directly on the field. The wireless communication system helps young referees by providing the possibility to guide faster, more direct, and better. In the end, after continuous coaching, the system will help them leading games with more confidence.

VIDEO: KAA Gent referee academy innovates with AXIWI