RC Eemland purchased the AXIWI AT-350 communication system in May 2021. Referees and assistants can communicate directly via an open line connection, such as during a telephone conversation. This allows the referee team to make faster and possibly better decisions and support/coach each other during the match. In addition, an umpire coach or judge can also hear what the referee is saying in the game.

Being able to communicate with the assistants and listening (to the communication via the headsets) by a referee coach or judge will take the level of our referees to a higher level.

An additional advantage is that with the live streams of the first team, which we recently broadcast on Eyecons.com, the referee communication can be included in the broadcast. That makes watching the Livestream extra fun for everyone who is not (yet) allowed to attend the match. You hear what the referee is what the referees are saying and why/how they are making decisions.

For the first time, the system was used during the live stream of RC Eemland vs The Dukes on May 22. Afterwards, the referee and assistants were enthusiastic about the sound quality. The two presenters of the live stream, Rene Koch and Eric Zandbergen, were also very pleased with this beautiful addition to the broadcast.

For the time being, we use the system in the first-team matches. However, if you want to use the system as an RC Eemland referee for games on the Bokkeduinen, please contact Bert Prevaes.