Wireless referee communication system for rugby

Rugby referees need to communicate as directly as possible with the assistant referees to lead the game in the best way.
The distance between the referees and the speed of the game makes it challenging to communicate in the right way.
With a wireless AXIWI® headset communication system for rugby referees, you can communicate fast and directly with your colleague, by which you do not miss anything, and you can lead the game in the best way. The communications system is very affordable: similar referee communication systems are 4 to 5 times more expensive. The AXIWI® radio system has a perfect price/quality ratio.

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Referees judges the

AXIWI with an 8,1.

96% of the referees

recommends AXIWI.







Referee kit REF-002

The referee communication system for rugby


With the AXIWI® communication system, up to 6 persons can simultaneously communicate hands-free with each other. Just like a telephone conversation. Various settings are possible, e.g. one person is the master, and up till a total of six persons can talk and listen simultaneously. Others persons with a similar unit can listen to the conversation. You also can have a master and sub-master configuration, meaning master and sub-master coupled together and four (4) others can use the “S” button to switch on or off the talk function. Or you can make use of an optional PTT button to open or close the talk function. More options are available! Please ask our sales department.

Benefits for rugby referees using a duplex and wireless communication system

Quick decision making with the ‘open’ line

  • Proactive game management tool
  • Directly in contact with referees and officials
  • Everyone (with an AXIWI) is live well informed

Motivates referee team

  • Referees and officials are fully involved

Reduce faults

  • Confirm critical game information
  • Communicate fast and directly relevant information


  • Players and coaches appreciate technology because it increases right decisions and the performance of the referee team

Development referees

  • The AXIWI® wireless headset allows referee coaches to know what referees in the field are communicating with each other. And how to react to specific situations. It helps the referee coach with good evaluations and develops the skills of the referee.

INTERVIEW with Mark Clattenburg about the added value of using referee headsets – 19-05-2021

“It is what my wife says with a dishwasher. When you haven’t got one you don’t know the difference. But when you get one, it changes your life.”


Rugby news


7s Referees working with AXIWI at Athlete Factory International Sevens

  • Tim Dyer who took part in the tournament last year and is a member of the RFU Assistant Referee Panel on the same path, said: It was my second year officiating at the World Series 7s warm-up event held at Chester RUFC. The competition is taken seriously by all the competing teams attending the World Series. And as such they expect the officiating to be of the highest order. An AXIWI® communication kit is an essential tool for officials. They help to ensure that the matches are officiated fairly with any incidents seamlessly fed into the referee for their consideration in real-time. This year the weather was decidedly wet event however the AXIWI® comms kit still performed well. Read the entire article here.

Top referees and officials whistle with AXIWI


The AXIWI communication system is already in use by the (top) referees from several international renowned sports federations.



Survey: Which possibilities does a communication system offers referees and sports?

Referees take more correct and faster decisions with communication system

In June 2016 Axitour Communication Systems has held a survey among referees in Holland. The referees who participated on the survey are active on all levels and in a variety of sports. To obtain the information we made a survey for referees who are working with a communications system and who aren’t working with a communication system: 105 to 419.

More information about the survey: Check the webpage with the main results, the Infographic and the official Press Release of the survey.

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