HE-050D Custom made acryllic earpiece for the HE-050

134,31 Incl. VAT



HE-050D Custom made acryllic earpiece for the HE-050


Benefits Custom made earpiece

  • Never irritation to the ear
  • Never falls out of the ear
  • The good insulation in the ear improves sound transmission


To order; How does it work?

  • You go to a hearing care professional (in the Netherlands we advise Van Boxtel Hoorwinkels) and will make a print of your ear; this could be left or right. This will costs in the Netherlands about € 15,00 and you pay this directly in the store of Van Boxtel Hoorwinkels. Ask your local hearing care professional about the costs if you are living abroad (outside the Netherlands);
  • At Van Boxtel Hoorwinkels you must clearly communicate that the print must meet the following requirements:
    •  The entire concha (ear cup) must be filled.
    • It must be a deep print.
    • Clearly indicate that the print is for a Custom Headset, so that they match the print accordingly.
  • You transfer the amount (inquire to the customer service of Axitour) for the headset to our bank account;
  • You send the print of the ear to Axitour B.V. Fennaweg 39, 2991 ZA, Barendrecht in the Netherlands.
  • After delivery, from the print of the ear to our Axitour office, the delivery time is 6 weeks.



Customer service

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