My name is Ladislav Angyal, and I’m 22 from Slovakia. I participated in Referee Abroad for the first time at the tournament IberCup in Madrid in May 2022. The tournament was organized on a very high level because each referee had the opportunity to referee the teams from Spain, Portugal, Canada, Israel, etc.

AXIWI headsets

I’ve used the communication headsets from AXIWI as a referee. I’ve had more matches as a referee than as an assistant. As an assistant in one match, I refereed with a Swedish, a beginner referee, so I used the headsets to give him advice (like for movements, signalizations, and positioning).

AXIWI was helpful in each game because the referees appointed for the match were from different countries and nationalities. We used headsets to set up the perfect cooperation between us. For example, in the tournament, there was one situation in that I needed to talk with my American assistant because I wasn’t sure about the red card situation. But after the communication via the headsets, we made a correct decision because the Austrian observer agreed with our decision.

Ladislav Angyal, soccer referee

referee headset for football

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