In the past few weeks, I have worked several competitions with the AXIWI headsets. With a fixed trio who has led various competitions over 15 years, the headset brought great added value.
Despite some startup problems and figuring out how the system works, we quickly got used to the new way of working. The headset ensures short lines in the field, coaching each other, keeping each other sharp, giving each other confidence in decisions that were made with resistance from staff and players. In addition, it ensures that you can set the appearance of a team very tightly by giving signals such as a throw-in or corner kick simultaneously. I also noticed that my focus was higher because you are always busy as an assistant, even when the game is very far away from you. In short; great added value.

referee headset for football

NEWS: World football association FIFA puts Axitour with AXIWI® on list ‘referee communication systems’