Communicate safe and hygienic on distance with the wireless AXIWI communication systems for logistics and healthcare

In certain work situations, work environments or work processes it is important or even necessary to be able to communicate remotely. Due to the type of work, the setting or hygiene restrictions it isn’t always possible to speak to each other face-to-face. This could also be the case because of hygiene protocols, during a virus outbreak, such as the Corona virus. The AXIWI communication system offers a solution in situations like this;  where communication is only allowed at an appropriate distance and in a discrete manner, conform social distancing (1,5 meter).

Due to the violent and worldwide outbreak of Corona, a large part of the economy has come to a standstill. Because of this the pressure on vital processes in the Netherlands and other countries has increased enormously, such as the healthcare and food industries. Good and clear communication is essential in these processes, but it isn’t easy, because we have to communicate remotely with regard to contamination risks.

On this webpage you will find more information about how AXIWI can support with clear wireless remote communication in healthcare, logistics, transport and production in factories. We like to think along with you to find a suitable solution for your communication challenges.

Logistics, transport and distribution center

There is enormous pressure on vital processes, such as healthcare and the food industry. It is important that the supply of the required products continues to function. This requires well-structured work processes. It is important that the people who work in this work as safely and hygienically as possible. Safe in the sense that pressure is put on the work processes and hygienic by working at least 1.5 meters apart. The AXIWI wireless communication systems can contribute to this throughout the logistics process.

In supermarket distribution centers, you can equip cooperating teams and forklift drivers with AXIWI. During transport you could let teams work together with the headsets during the loading and unloading of products. In the supermarket, the use of wireless communication systems also contributes to safe and efficient ‘remote’ collaboration. For example, the service desk communicates quickly with the cashiers if there are any questions or problems.  Or the team leader in the store can inform the warehouse employee of empty shelves; the warehouse can ensure that those products are brought into the store with priority. And all communication according to the hygiene regulations; communicating remotely has never been so clear.

With AXIWI’s communication solutions, you ensure that staff can communicate easily and wirelessly and that they can manage the chaos. This works pleasantly, clearly and at a (suitable) distance from each other; in accordance with the Corona protocols; remotely.

Brevé Tuinhout communicates efficiently with AXIWI according to the social distancing guidelines

“The wireless AXIWI communication system has proven to be the right choice. It is now easier and faster to communicate with each other. The option of setting up multiple radio channels ensures that employees of the mechanical wood production are quickly informed of the required product specifications. The sales department can also have contact with the yard to determine where a particular package of processed wood can be found.”

AXIWI wireless headset for factories and plants

The food industry, the factories and production facilities, are currently in full swing to supply supermarkets. The factories must also work in accordance with the Corona protocols, with a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the staff members. In addition, factories often produce a lot of noise from the machines, which can be very noisy. The 1,5 meters and the nosiy environment doesn’t make communicating with each other easy. Various factories already using the AXIWI communication systems to facilitate easy and wireless communication between the staff members.

Our tour guide systems are also used here to guide relations around. Read the references below how we support different factories and plants in realizing clear and wireless communication in these specific environments.

SanoRice communicates Corona-proof: trainers coach “trainees” in production environment with AXIWI

AXIWI supports clear communication in medical and hospital processes

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the pressure on healthcare and therefore, on hospitals has increased enormously. Hospitals must reorganise to accommodate the increasing number of Corona patients. Communication with Corona patients is different because they carry a highly contagious virus. They need expensive insulating materials for nursing and treatment. Every time a nurse has been in a room with a quarantined person results in disposing materials. That is expensive and a waste of the scarce insulation material. That is why hospitals want to treat patients who have a suspicion or a proven infection of the Coronavirus remotely as much as possible. That is why hospitals ask, for example, for baby audio monitors and other communication solutions to communicate remotely with the patient. Depending on the exact situation, the AXIWI® communication system can, of course, also offer a solution. With the wireless connection between two units, the Push-to-Talk function allows you to keep in touch remotely, just like a Walkie Talkie or telephone connection, but more comfortable. Of course, AXIWI® can support medical work processes in various other care-related situations.


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