Referee headsets are often used for the communication between referees during a game; it enables them to take faster and more correct decisions. Nowadays sport clubs and referee academies are using wireless headsets for coaching starting and talented referees. With coaching headsets, observers and coaches can support starting and talented referees directly during the game. Within the referee training courses, the use of coaching headsets ensures a demonstrably faster “learning curve” for the referees. They are coached “in the moment” and the tips of the referee coach can be applied directly in the field.

Coaching starting and talented referees

In this article we discuss the benefits for starting and talented referees. Why is coaching between these two types of referees different? When you coach a starting referee you are focussing on letting the referee getting confidence in refereeing and being well positioned in the field. When you coach a talented referees you are working on specific development points you discussed before the game with the referee or referee group. In this blog article we are discussing the benefits of using wireless coaching headsets.


Benefits of wireless coaching headsets while coaching referees

Benefits for starting referees

  1. Referees get more confidence, when they are in direct contact with the coach, via the coaching headset. When it is necessayry the can ask questions directly or ask for assistance.
  2. They get tips, via the wireless headset, about their position in the field.
  3. They get tips, via the wireless headset, about how they can communicate with more confidence in the field.
  4. They get tips, via the wireless headset, about their non-verbal communication and body language.

Benefits for talented referees

  1. They get tips, via the wireless headset, about their agreed development points.
  2. Faster learning curve; positioning, running lines, communication, behaviour etc..;
  3. Fast and effective evaluation with the observer;

Condition for working with headsets as a referee

An often-heard condition for working with headsets, is that referees need to master the basics of refereeing, like:

  • Knowing the rules of the game;
  • How to communicate with colleagues and game participants.
  • Experiences in refereeing during games without headsets.

Benefits for the referee coach

  1. Give feedback directly to the referee in the field, via the coaching headset. Coaching with a headset isn’t limited to halftime, before or after the game;
  2. The referee coach can’t only see how the referees reacting to different game situations, but he can also hear the conversations between the referee(s) and players and other game partcipants;
  3. Referees get more confident;
  4. More focus on coaching because you are continously in contact.
referee headset for coaching referees on the field

PRESS Release: KAA Gent Referee Academy innovates with AXIWI

The KAA Gent Referee Acadamy keeps fulfilling its role as an innovator and educator of young soccer referees. This time with the innovative AXIWI wireless communication systems (often called headsets) for the coaching of young referees. By using the headsets, with the referees who are in training, the observer can coach the referees directly on the field.  The wireless communication system helps young referees by providing the possibility to guide faster, more direct and better. In the end, after continuous coaching, the system will help them leading games with more confidence.

VIDEO: KAA Gent referee academy innovates with AXIWI