AXIWI will also supply the communication sets for the sports enthusiasts with a visual impairment during the Mentelity Games in SaaS-Grund in 2024. This way, the participants can get off the mountain safely in Switzerland again this year. A nice collaboration.


After an enormous success in 2023, we can use the AXIWI sets again this year! Blind and partially sighted people who participate in the Mentelity Games all receive an individual supervisor during the lessons. They are in contact with each other via the AXIWI communication systems. Participants use directions and tips to get down the mountain safely, with the help of the volunteers and AXIWI.

Pieter (volunteer) and Annemiek (participant) already have the necessary experience in the snow. Pieter: “As a ski-instructor and supervisor of winter sports enthusiasts with a visual impairment, I have been using the AXIWI for years. With the AXIWI communication system, one-on-one guidance runs smoothly and quickly” he says. “You understand each other better, which means that both the participant and the supervisor can respond faster. This increases safety, which is of course especially important during winter sports activities with blind and visually impaired people. The sound quality is good, and the range is also excellent. The devices are small and easy to operate.”

Annemiek is also satisfied with AXIWI: “I am seriously visually impaired myself and I use the AXIWI to communicate better during winter sports and horse riding. During winter sports it is of course essential to clearly understand and follow the instructions of my supervisor or teacher. The AXIWI communication system makes me feel more confident and safer on the slopes. Previously, the supervisor gave verbal instructions without a communication system, so it sometimes happened that you did not understand him or her. This can of course lead to unsafe situations. The instructions via the AXIWI are clearly to understand, has little wind noise and the battery lasts a long time.”

Michel Engelen, director of Axitour, about the collaboration: “With AXIWI we have been supporting the Mentelity Games for several years. Every year it is great to see so many participants. That immediately shows the necessity of the event. We are of course proud that we can contribute to this wonderful event with AXIWI; ensure that visually impaired participants can leave the slopes feeling confident and safe. That’s what you do it for ultimately.”

AXIWI® for the visually impaired

With the AXIWI communication system, two or more people can communicate with each other wirelessly at a distance. People with visual impairment cannot see everything or not at all. This makes performing certain activities difficult and, in some cases, impossible. The visually impaired are assisted by a supervisor in various activities. Despite intensive guidance, an attendant may need a communication system for better help and communication between the attendant and the disabled person. In this way, the activity can be performed optimally.