AXIWI Communication Systems is a new partner for the Mentelity Games. The company provides communication systems for participants with visual impairments. This way, they can safely ski down the slopes while being in contact with their guide.

Safe guiding with headsets

Since the first edition of the Mentelity Games, AXIWI has supplied the communication kit to the event. “While accompanying someone with a challenge, communication is essential to guide him or her properly and safely. Ambient noise and distance makes it a challenging to support the disabled person optimally. The communication system provides direct wireless duplex communication (two-way communication like a telephone conversation with a hands-free open line),” says AXIWI.


The organisation is extremely happy with the collaboration. “It is great to see so many parties working together to get people moving during this celebration in the snow. We hope that we can borrow more sets from AXIWI in the future because that would mean that we can let more people enjoy winter sports.”

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