The use of the AXIWI headsets offers many advantages. In the friendly match STVV Sint-Truiden against KV Mechelen, a situation arose in which the ball was played in the depth towards my side. I was very focused on offside and kept the players, in a duel for the ball, at the corner out of my eye. At that point, the referee indicated through the headset that this situation would be for me. This communication allowed me to shift my focus. A few seconds later, I saw that the attacker dropped far too quickly after minimal contact. Communication with the referee allowed me to assess the situation well.

In the 2nd half of the match, a situation arose in which I noticed a foul by the defending club right of me. I yelled “violation” through the headset and prepared to give a flag signal. However, the referee had a better overview from his position and called three times vigorously “continue, advantage” through the headset. An attacker came running around the outside – from my blind spot – who was able to continue a promising attack. The fast and clear communication kept the flag down, and I followed the attack from a good position.

Felix Vollenberg

referee headset for football

NEWS: World football association FIFA puts Axitour with AXIWI® on list ‘referee communication systems’