(Picture: Our team of referees in the field. Finnish Baseball field (men’s version) is 42 meters wide. Longest distance between referees is about 50 meters)

This article is written by Ari Mustonen, Finnish baseball referee 

We are a group of Finnish baseball referees. Not all Finnish baseball referees using radios to communicate during the game. We thought we could improve our operations by using radios, so for this season, we bought radios for our referee team. We researched the features of radios from different manufacturers and eventually ended up buying radios from AXIWI. Our model is the AXIWI AT-350 (European radio frequency), and we are using them with HE-075 headsets. One of the main reasons for choosing the model was the frequency range. I’ve had some bad experiences with (other) radios using the 2.4GHz band. Another reason was that AXIWI has a lot of different headsets to offer. Although, in the end, we all ended up using the same HE-075 headset, we have some other models (HE-009, HE-010) in reserve if the HE-075 doesn’t fit someone.


We’ve used these radios in about 15 games now. The radios have worked great and have been a great help in judging matches. Sometimes there are situations where we have to discuss judgements. Practically, we can handle the discussion, via the wireless headsets, without coming together. Sometimes during matches, less relevant things happen in the middle of the game that we couldn’t discuss; but we discussed these things after the game. The radios allow us to deal with these things already during the game. Connection problems have occurred only once; there was one wireless microphone in the field in the same frequency range. We solved the problem by changing the channel on our radios.

We can strongly recommend these radios for referees in different sports.

Ari Mustonen, Finnish baseball referee 

INTERVIEW with Mark Clattenburg about the added value of using referee headsets – 19-05-2021

“It is what my wife says with a dishwasher. When you haven’t got one you don’t know the difference. But when you get one, it changes your life.”