During my driving lessons, I use the AXIWI equestrian coaching headsets. The communication system is used as an instruction set for teaching driving: horseback riding with a carriage and a hitch.


The communication system is straightforward and pleasant to use. The sound quality is very clear, even outside in the open arena. The talk-back (two way) function is perfect for us, without being disturbed or overheard by others. It is essential that I also hear my students, so I know which voice aid they provide and at what time. It is crucial that students can give immediate feedback to respond to problems/points for improvement. But it is also good that you can communicate together when things go well.

In short; AXIWI is a very good instruction set for horse riding, easy to use and operate and without nonsense due to its simplicity.

On behalf of a very satisfied instructor,

Berry van den Bosch

VDB Stables