Wireless communication headset system for horse riding


How to effectively and efficiently train a horse rider? From now on, you can use the AXIWI® communication headset for equestrian coaching and training. More and more coaches and trainers use a communication system in the equestrian sport for giving instructions and tips. The coach and the rider(s), all wear an AXIWI® communication system. It’s a wireless handsfree communication system, so the coach and the riders can talk and listen to each other, just like a phone call. Up to 6 persons can speak and listen simultaneously.
Two types are available. The AT-320 reaches approx 150 meters, and the AT-350 reaches approx 300 meters (line of sight)


Communication system for horse racing


The coach is in continuous contact with the rider through the AXIWI®
communication system. In this way, he can directly communicate with the rider to give instructions on how to better during training.
Until now trainers and coaches did have to shout to instruct the horse rider. With the wireless and hands-free AXIWI® headset, he/she can talk and listen to the rider in a comfortable manner. If wanted, he/she can have a 2-way conversation with five (5) persons simultaneously. Or more persons in the only listen mode.


VIDEO AXIWI review by Edward Chitty – Wireless headsets for equestrian coaching

A great product for equestrian coaching, highly recommend, super sound quality and very lightweight making it easy to use all round.


“I’m delighted to now be working with the AXIWI® communication system. They provide great communication systems to help with equestrian coaching at both competitions and at home. Their systems allow the instructor to communicate with horse riders (pupils/clients) in windy conditions and in large arenas without straining the instructors voice.”

Reference of Karen Swanepoel


  “We are using the communication system for arena work and outrides. It makes the whole horse riding experience more peaceful and enjoyable”.



“The reasons why I like the AXIWI communication system the most is that it is small and light-weight. It allows effective communication; no more shouting and your voice can no longer be carried off in the wind. We are using the communication system for arena work and outrides. It makes the whole horse riding experience more peaceful and enjoyable”.

Trainer: Claire Aitchison – Certified United Kingdom Horse Trainer riding her Warm Blood, Celcius.

Student: Karen Swanepoel – riding her Friesian, Lutske.

Also for wireless communication on yachts and motorboats

Sailing with a yacht or motorboat requires effective communication between the captain and his crew. The size of the ship, the wind, and the hectic environment all contribute to making effective communication more difficult. With the AXIWI® communication system for sailing, you are able to talk with up to 6 people simultaneously. No more shouting and less stress as all users can hear and talk with each other. Click here for more info.

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