First I wil shortly introduce myself I am Frank van Lieshout (30) originally coming from the Netherlands. I am a sports professional for about 14 years now and working as a coach, trainer and teacher in the sports sector. I have also been an athlete for several years participating at  the level of European & World Championschips in obstacle running.

bluetooth sport headset for exercising outdoor

Wearing comfort and safety during workouts

Since two months I am now living in Lithuania. And during this time I have been trying out the AXIWI Bluetooth sport headset during my workouts.

I am living in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. When I leave my apartment for a workout I am at the center of the city. What gives me personally a very comfortable feeling, wearing the AXIWI sport headset, is the unique sound system that isn’t fit in the ears but on the ears. It is sending the sounds from outside the ear inside the ears, which makes it way safer to move yourself in the daily traffic. While you are listening to music you also hear the ambient noise and traffic. I experienced this gives comfort and safety when I am running from the city to the forest outside the city in Vilnius. What I also like about the sport headset, is that it’s lightweight and basically you don’t feel (read: be aware) the headset while your are running.



Then about the sound quality itself. Of course you can’t compare the sound effect of the sport headset with in-ear earbuds or headphones that completely blocks around your ears. It got less bass and sound. But I personally don’t see this as a problem. The sport headset got sound quality enough to gives me the needed motivation and more important; it is way better for the health of the ears. With this sport headset you prevent the eardrum from being damaged.

I want to thank AXIWI for letting me test their open ear Bluetooth sport headset and for developing this innovative headset for exercising.