Photography: Pim Waslander 

During the Women’s Volleyball 2022 World Cup, the top referees of the Nevobo worked with AXIWI headsets. The Nevobo has shown this beautifully in the video below. Furthermore, the video referee of the final during the tournament, Koen Nederhoed, talks in the video about his experiences and the added value of headsets.

With the AXIWI headsets, the referees can communicate directly and quickly via a wireless connection. The great advantage of working with headsets for arbitration is that you can make faster and more correct decisions.

Referees, coaches, sports officials and federations work worldwide, in the top and recreational sports, with AXIWI headsets. View the AXIWI references here and see how the AXIWI is already being used in various sports.

VIDEO: Top referees work with AXIWI during the Women’s Volleyball Championship 2022

INTERVIEW with Mark Clattenburg about the added value of using referee headsets – 19-05-2021

“It is what my wife says with a dishwasher. When you haven’t got one you don’t know the difference. But when you get one, it changes your life.”