Prinsjesdag (English: Prince’s Day) is the day on which the reigning monarch of the Netherlands addresses a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives to give the speech from the throne (Dutch: Troonrede); setting out the main features of government policy for the coming parliamentary session.

Briefcase: Proposal of the next year’s budget

After lunch, the Minister of Finance proposes the next year’s national budget and the Budget Memorandum (the Miljoenennota) to the House of Representatives. Since 1947, the budget submitted is carried in a special briefcase in imitation of the British Budget Day tradition.[citation needed] The current briefcase was made in 1964 and has printed on it in Dutch: “Third Tuesday of September”.[1] Due to the size of the case, it probably contains only a part of the entire memorandum.

The presentation is followed by a cycle of parliamentary debates on the budget. These are called the ‘algemene beschouwingen’ (general deliberations). It is the most important moment for parliamentary policy making, as MP’s can amend the budget to finance specific plans.

(Source: English WIKIPEDIA, picture: By Minister-president Rutte from Nederland (+31) – Den Haag, dinsdag 16 september- prinsjesdag 2014, CC BY 2.0,).

AXIWI’s ‘Prinsjesdag’ briefcase

For AXIWI, ‘Prinsjesdag’ is also a good moment to set and share the main features of the policy for the upcoming year:

  • Our promise: Best performing sports communication!;
  • Create and develop best performing communication systems, sport headsets and accessories.
  • We all know we perform better, if we are working together. If you have a good idea for creating best performing sports communication, just let us know. We are hungry for good ideas!
  • We are Dutch; we are pioneers. We want to ship AXIWI all over the world.

We want you to be the best performer! So we deliver you the best performing sports communication!