This article is written by Harry Groves

Harry Groves (2nd from the left side on picture) and his three referee colleagues used AXIWI during the Men’s U19s final at the Portugal Youth International Festival 2023 in Europe. Last weekend, the tournament was held on 1 and 2 April in Lisbon.

The 4 rugby referees were provided with AXIWI by 7s Referee. The referees who were involved, on the picture:

  • Dean Crossley – AR;
  • Harry Groves – Referee;
  • Ollie Robertson – AR;
  • Henry Pearson – 4th Official.

The AXIWI units were fantastic, allowing for seamless communications between the team of 4, allowing for effective decision-making. We wouldn’t have been able to work at the level we do without AXIWI!

About Portugal Rugby Youth Festival 2023

The passion for rugby is the key reason to take part in this event. More than 300 rugby matches in only two days. A total of eight rugby pitches, where the Lisbon University Stadium is a theatre of dreams for so many young rugby players.

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