A number of weeks ago, I came in contact with AXIWI through Instagram. I saw their add on the headsets and were curious right away. Two weeks ago i received my own headset for testing and now it’s time to tell you my experiences.

Safely excersize because of ”Directional Sound Technology”. That’s what everybody want’s right? This means your ears remain free so you can still hear for example traffic. As safe as it get’s. De headset is specially developed for sports like; Running, cycling, fitness etc. 

Let’s continue with the specifications:

– Ultra Lightweight (16 grams)
– Bluetooth 5.0
– Battery life – 5 hours
– Works to up to 10 meters
– Recharged in 1,5 hours 

This is what’s in the box:

– AXIWI Sport-250 ‘Open Ear’ headset
– USB recharging cable
– Usermanual

I’ve used the headset a number of times now. Mostly for running but yesterday I also used it while cycling. First impression: I’m very happy with this headset! When i first put in on, i thought it would not stay put because you can hardly feel it. This is not the case at all. Like they say, it’s super light and i didn’t feel it after about 300 meters. The headset stays in place even with a ponytail or braid. The AXIWI Sport 250 is also good when wearing a helmet.

I’ve now used it for two weeks and I didn’t even have to recharge it yet. The headset connects with my phone effordlessly and it’s easy to use with the one button on the right side of the headset. 


The Bluetooth sportheadset is also great for phonecalls. I was curious about its range and it turns out I could walk al the way to my balcony (about 10 meters) without a problem! The person I was talking to could still hear me and the sound was still good. With an iPhone you can choose to call with the phone instead of through the connected headset. For example; You are listening to music and don’t want to interupt the music when making a phonecall. When someone calls you, just press the SPEAKER button to choose betwee iPhone or Speaker. 

It being great to use when calling makes it a good headset for office work as wel. I would certainly recommand it to my colleagues at the office! You can also use the headset while driving. It’s handsfree after all. 

Don’t worry when it’s raining outside. The headset is IPX5 waterproof. This means it can take on the rain. (Note: it’s splashwaterproof. Do not take it out swimming!).


The sound is fine but not extraordinary good. This is ofcourse not to be expected when you look at both the way the sound is received (open ear) and the price. I for one won’t leave the house without the headset again! You can still wear it when walking together with someone and for example listen to calm background music.

Below al pro’s and con’s in a row:

– Excersize safely 
– Comfortable
– Good sound quality
– Connect fast and easy
– Can use it for phonecalls
– Can wear it in combination with a helmet
– Waterproof  (IPX5, splashwaterproof)

– For people who’s hair is long and not in a braid or ponytail, it’s not that handy. 

Looking at both price and quality i would certainly recommand this Bluetooth Sport headset. You can order it online on their website: https://www.axiwi.com/product/axiwi-sport-250-bluetooth-headset/