AXIWI HE-025 custom made earpiece



The AXIWI HE-025 is the custom-made earpiece that is part of the AXIWI Custom Headset. The earpiece has the perfect fit and optimum wearing comfort.

The benefits of a custom made earpiece

  • Never irritation to the ear;
  • Never falls out of the ear;
  • The good insulation in the ear improves sound transmission.


AXIWI Custom Headset

The AXIWI Custom Headset has the perfect fit and optimum wearing comfort. Also ensures good insulation of the sound, making its quality even better.


To order; How does it work?

  • You go to a hearing care professional (in the Netherlands we advise Schoonenberg) and will make a print of your ear; this could be left or right. This will costs in the Netherlands about € 17,50 and you pay this directly in the store of Schoonenberg. Ask your local hearing care professional about the costs if you are living abroad (outside the Netherlands);
  • You transfer the amount (inquire to the customer service of Axitour) for the headset to our bank account;
  • You send the print of the ear to Axitour B.V. Lübeck 5, 2993 LK, Barendrecht in the Netherlands.
  • After delivery, from the print of the ear to our Axitour office, the delivery time is about 4 weeks.


Customer service

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