AXIWI HE-014 headset with 2 earphones

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AXIWI HE-014 headset with 2 earphones

The AXIWI HE-014 is a unique headset with two earphones and a boom microphone. This makes the headset highly suitable for, for example, guided tours in a noisy production environment, where no ear protection is required; the two ears are covered, and you receive the audio sound through the earphones.

Product specifications

  • Good sound insulation from outside noises;
  • Good wearing comfort due to the structure of the headset;
  • Flexible microphone;
  • Cable reinforced with Kevlar;
  • Designed to stay in place during physical movement. This makes the headset also suitable for more active applications where a person is active.


Please note: This headset has an CTIA 3.5mm US-type jack. This applies to all our AXIWI headsets. All AXIWI headsets are, in terms of connection, compatible with the AXIWI communication systems (AXIWI AT-320 & AXIWI AT-350) that we offer. Check whether the connection is compatible if you want to connect this headset to another communication system or device.


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