The journey has begun! The first days on the bike went very well! We haven on purpose chosen not to use the support of AXIWI communication system in the first 2 days. It would help us to better experience the difference between using the communication support and not using the communication support during our cycling tour through Europe. We like to share our first experiences with you!

Safety first

In the first 2 stages we rode via Elst (Betuwe) to Venlo. On the third day we arrived in Julich; a town near the Ruhr area. After 5 km we took our communication set and since then the world has changed! We can already say that our main goal has been reached, as we really hoped to be able to ride safely and warn each other for different circumstances along the road.


Much more fun

But we could do much more than that! We were able to share the beautiful things we saw right away. The last years we were able to share our experiences only during the stops and not on the bike as we could not hear each other very well. But now we can share it directly. That makes cycling together so much more fun!
We were only 5km left from our destination, for that day, when the battery got empty. Therefore, we have put on the system the next day a little bit later during the day, to make sure we could hear each other, especially during the end of the day. That is the moment that you are looking for a place to sleep and good communication is essential. This fourth day was a long day and we arrived in Remagen along the Rhone. We have had beautiful days so far and are looking forward to the next days.