With the new AXIWI AT-320M it is possible to communicate with 6 persons simultaneously. With the previous model, the AXIWI AT-320LD, you could communicate with 5 persons in two ways.  

The last months we had a real boost to our AXIWI sales and that has minimized our stock of the AT-320 LD (previous model) and some popular headsets in a very short period. In the meantime our manufacturer had to re-design the AXIWI AT-320LD unit for the reason; the used chips were no longer available. And this resulted into the next model the AXIWI AT-320M, which now is available. So we don’t sell the AXIWI AT-320LD anymore.

About the new AXIWI AT-320M

  • The AXIWI AT-320M has the exact same shape and dimensions as the AXIWI AT-320LD. There is nothing changed to the appearance of the product.
  • You can now communicate bi-directional (two directions) with 6 persons simultaneously instead of 5 persons (AXIWI AT-320LD).

The new AXIWI AT-320M is unfortunately not compatible with the AXIWI AT-320LD and older types of the product. This means you can’t expand your current AXIWI sets.


We are forced to a slightly increase of the price for a AXIWI unit. The main reason is the exchange rate euro / dollar which on itself causes a price increase of 10% and a price increase from the manufacturer. On the other hand we have been able to minimize our price increase to approx. 5% due to larger quantity purchases.

The new AT-320M is now available. The price will be € 225.00 for each unit as of July 1, 2017. Until that time you are able to buy the AT-320M at the price of €215.00 (excl. VAT) each.


Read more about the new AXIWI model on the AXIWI AT-320M productpage.