Greif Netherlands recently organized a Corona-proof company tour “remotely” for colleagues. Due to the Coronavirus measures, the colleagues from America were, unfortunately, unable to participate physically at the guided tour. So we looked for an alternative to include them in the company tour.

“By giving a digital interactive tour we can show our factory and people to our 16,000 colleagues in the other 250 establishments in 40 countries over the whole world. ”

Remote company tour via conference call 

The challenge with this tour was to involve both people on location and remotely (America). The client suggested the idea of organizing a guided tour via a conference call. Axitour then set to work on this in the search for a suitable solution.

company tour via conference call app zoom for group communication

A number of the participants were physically present at the factory and equipped with the AXIWI communication system (and noise-cancelling headset, AXIWI HE-080) to participate. The colleagues from America are linked to the group (communication) in the factory via ZOOM via the AXIWI communication system. In this way, the American participants could still participate in the factory tour; speaking, listening and seeing.

Ronald van der Linden, Project Engineer at Greif, about the use of the AXIWI communication system: “By giving a digital interactive tour we can show our factory and people to our 16,000 colleagues in the other 250 branches in 40 countries. the whole world. ”

axiwi greif company tour video conference via zoom and axiwi

Efficient remote management

Ronald van der Linden about the advantages of this new way of guiding tours for an organization like Greif: “The management in America can do it remotely without travelling, see how the investments they make worldwide turn out in reality. Because they watch remotely via ZOOM, we can show where our strengths and weaknesses lie and how to improve certain things/processes. Thanks to this audiovisual solution, a conversation can be held directly ‘live on location’, even in a noisy factory thanks to the noise-reducing headsets.

The management can also ‘visit’ many locations in a relatively short time without having to travel. The costs of, for example, a flight and accommodation are also saved.”

company tour via conference call app zoom for worldwide participants
company tour remotely via conference call app zoom with world wide participants

Interactive company tour

Greif has rented 10 AXIWI units from Axitour to give 10 people a company tour. One of these AXIWI units is linked to the smartphone, via a special AUX cable. By setting up a ZOOM meeting with this smartphone, the American colleagues were also involved with the tour. The sound was sent via the AXIWI unit to the American participating colleagues and could communicate directly with each other; speak and listen. The smartphone was held and aimed at the factory participants to provide images to the members in the ZOOM meeting.

AXIWI® products

The following products were required to provide the tour:

  • 1 guide with AXIWI and HE-080 headset.
  • 1 guide assistant with a smartphone connected with an AXIWI unit, and the AUX-cable in between. The Teams meeting is set up on the smartphone.
  • 8 guests physically present in the factory with an AXIWI and HE-080 each.
  • 4 guests digitally present in the Teams meeting (They are sitting behind their Laptop / PC at a different location).

The guide shows all guests around, who can ask questions via the AXIWI system.

greif company tour video conference zoom axiwi headsets