Which referee  should win an AXIWI communication system for 2 persons, according to you?


Nominate your favorite referee(s) in the Week of the Referee at AXIWI. With this they will stand  a chance of winning an AXIWI communication kit for 2 referees!


In Holland there is a special week for all referees called: Week of the Referee. In this week, referees will be honoured by everyone and every organisation who are involved with sports. This year it will take place from 7 – 15 October. AXIWI  won’t  let this go by  unnoticed and that’s why the Week of the Referee action on AXIWI Facebook page is organized; also referees from outside the Netherlands can participate.


Nominate your favourite referee(s)


You can nominate a referee or referee couple, from outside the Netherlands, from who you think deserves to win an AXIWI communication kit for 2 persons? This can because they’re leading their matches exceptionally well, they have acted adequately in an emergency or just because they deserve to win.

You can nominate referees from every sport. When you submit a fun and/or original motivation  about your favourite referee(s) on Facebook, they will stand a chance of winning an AXIWI referee communication kit for 2 persons.


On this webpage you can read how you need to nominate your favourite referees. (LINK)