This article is written by, Lia van Tricht, Management Assistant Dujardin Remmers 

At Dujardin Remmers we work with a team in alarm and camera systems. We regularly conduct work for a retail company when one of the stores is being renovated. We work as a team, with six employees, to pull data and alarm cables up to 90 meters long. It is tough work, and it is important that we can communicate efficiently and clearly with each other over longer distances. After pulling the cables, we install the alarm and camera systems.

Ambient noise

With these types of projects, the entire store is renovated in 1 week. 60 to 70 people work at the same time every day and there is a lot of noise. That is why we started looking for a communication system with which we can communicate clearly with each other remotely; without having to use our hands.



We found the solution at Axitour. They are the supplier of the wireless AXIWI® communication system. With this system we can talk clearly to each other despite the distance and ambient noise. This makes our job easier. The team is happy with the AXIWI® communication system and we have received good responses to it.


About Dujardin Remmers

Dujardin Remmers has long been a household name in the field of cash and value storage, cash management systems and cash machine services. The family business started 135 years ago in Groningen as Remmers Fireplaces and Fire Cabinets.


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