Within 2 weeks after departure we have arrived at the Bodensee. For the ones who like to know the road we took: we went through the Ruhr area, the Eifel and via Remagen a city near the Rhine. We followed the river for three days and thanks to the good weather we could sleep in our tent, many nights. That is what we like the most.

We have seen beautiful city’s like Worns and Speyer and in the Black Forest we encounterd the first mountains. The climbs became longer and steeper. We also enjoyed the changing nature. The feeling to experience and see this is not easy to describe in words. You should try it yourself! Via Tubingen and Sigmaringen we arrived at the Bodensee where we enjoyed a very good sorbet!

AXIWI our communication support

The communication support makes it able to cycle and talk at the same time. We enjoy that so much! We experience also that you do not only hear each other, but also the surrounding sounds of the other person. Think about passing cars and trains and the wind. You can imagine that we turn the communication support off during a (hard) climb as you do not want to hear the other person breathing all the time :-).