Begetube is a well-known company and supplier of installation materials for heating and sanitary. The representatives of Begetube often organize factory visits for their customers.

‘The only thing we regret.. is that we didn’t bought the AXIWI communication system earlier’

Customer friendly communication system

Luc van Dijk, IT manager Begetube, was searching for a customer-friendly and welcoming communication system that the representatives can use during their factory tours: ‘We were searching for a guiding communication system for our factory which the representatives of Begetube can use when they are guiding customers. The setting in the factory halls is quite noisy and that is not only bad for the voice of our representative, but only the people in the front row, of the guided group, gets the explanation well. After an extensive presentation and demonstration of the AXIWI by Thomas Boogaarts, we have successfully tested the capabilities of the AXIWI communication system.’


Interactive ‘Begetube’ factory tours

‘With the AXIWI communication system everyone hears the Begetube representative clearly during the factory tour and understands much better what he is saying. Also individuals can easily ask questions, while the whole group hears the question and the answer clearly with the headset. With the AXIWI communication system the factory tours are much more interactive and fun.’

The charging and transport box of AXIWI can not only charge 30 units fast and simultaneously, the AXIWI units are also safe and neatly hidden. With the different channels the representatives of Begetube can easily guide different types of groups. For example; we can guide a Dutch and French group at the same time, without disturbing each other because they are on different frequencys.’