The ‘AXIWI-moment from…’ is a new rubric on the AXIWI blog where referees, coaches and sports officials can write about certain game situations in which AXIWI has been helpfull. In the case of a referee you can think of preventing him from taking an incorrect decision, because a referee-colleague gives him directly additional information via the AXIWI communication system. A coach could get a ‘golden’ tactical tip from his camera-/videoman, by which he will win the game.

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The AXIWI-moment from Steve Janssen during the Paris World Games 2017


During the Paris World Games, our refereeing team was equipped with the AXIWI communication system. In our first game, a ‘goal/no goal’ scrimmage occurred. The referee in the centre was not capable of judging the situation properly. As an assistant-referee I was running the line. I was perfectly positioned to clearly notice that the ball had not completely passed the goal line. Thanks to the communication system, the referee and I were able to communicate directly and properly. Our decision was widely accepted thanks to our fast and good cooperation. Even the ‘referees’ observer was very delighted about our teamwork. In the second game, I experienced the added values of the AXIWI communication system as a referee. Thank you so much for this experience!


Steve Janssen

Wireless referee communication system

In sports having 2 or more referees during a match is an increasing trend, even if the matches are non-professional. To make communication between referees more effective we introduced the wireless and handsfree AXIWI Referee communication system. And the communications system is very affordable: similar referee communication systems are 5 to 6 times as expensive. In the mean time our AXIWI system is succesfully being used in sports like handball, korfball, basketball, soccer, fieldhockey, volleyball, baseball, water polo, rugby, Ice hockey, floorball, Segway Polo and Lacrosse. Click here for a total view with all the sports and possibilities.