From 6 to 9 February, the 15th edition of the Integrated Systems Europe 2018 will be organized at the RAI Amsterdam. During this exhibition, professionals from the entire audiovisual industry and the end users will meet.

Axitour Communication Systems can be found during the fair in hall 15, stand number: 15-S323. We would like to see you there and talk about the possibilities of our latest and innovative audio communication systems.

Three innovative Axitour audio communication systems

During the ISE 2018 Axitour presents three innovative audio communication systems: the full duplex AXIWI® audio communication system, the Axitour AT-900 guide audio communication system and the brand new all-in-one microphone plus built-in speaker: the Micker®.

AXIWI® full duplex communication system

The AXIWI duplex communication system is a full duplex (bi-directional) 2 way communication system. Six people can simultaneously communicate with each other, just as in a phone call. The AXIWI communicationsystem is completely hands-free to use. The communication system features 4 channels and each channel can max. 250 people use the system. In addition, the system features a clothing clip and safety lanyard.

The AXIWI communication system is used for communication during tours, conferences, meetings, sports, translating simultaneously, and calamities. The AXIWI system is also very popular in the majority of sports for sports communication. The communication sets can be adjusted to every needed sports level and is used bij referees, coaches and other involved sports officials.

The AXIWI communication system is used by the (top) referees from both the Royal Dutch Korfball Federation (KNKV) as the Dutch Handball Federation (NHV).  In the mean time the communication system is succesfully used in Soccer, Fieldhockey, Rugby, Handball, Korfball, Hockey, Football, Cricket,Segway Polo, Pony and Horse riding,  The communication system is suitable for both indoor sports as the outdoor sports; because it is dust- and splashproof.

Axitour AT-900 Tour Guide system

The Axitour AT-900 Touring System is our newest audio communications system for guided tours. The simplex communication system facilitates one-way communication with the guests who are following the tour. The big advantage of this audio communication system is that simultaneously two guides can speak to a group. The guests hear what the guides are saying by the headset which is connected to the ‘receiver’ AT-900 unit.

The communication system has a range of approximately 150 meters, 80 channels and a crystal clear sound. The communication systems can be stored in a charging case with space for 20 or 40 units. We also offer a transport briefcase with space for 48 units.

Micker Pro

The Micker Pro, is an all in one battery operated microphone, which has its own powerful built-in speaker. It provides a clear and powerful sound for small gatherings of up to thirty people. The Micker Pro is provided with a speaker with a sound reflector that spreads the sound forward into the space. In addition, a feedback suppressor ensures that the microphone does not use the sound that comes out of the speaker (so it will prevent, you hear an echo). It’s a quick and easy way to transfer your message to a group of people.