In the past, wireless communication systems for directly and effective contact with collegue referees, were only available for professional referees because they were expensive. Now the systems are affordable and each referee can use it for leading sports games.

Many referees nowadays are using wireless communication systems for effective communication. But what are the advantages of a communication system for referees?

We set the most important advantages for referees of using a communication system for you below:

  1. With a communication system you can communicate quick and easy with each other, it is just like a phone call (if the communication system has an open line). You can share easily important match information with each other and discuss decisions directly.
  2. You are making less mistakes because you can inquire directly important match information with your colleagues, for example: violations, changing players and punishments.
  3. A communication system ensures that the whole arbitration team is fully involved and informed. Everybody of the arbitration team can follow the match and can’t miss anything because the are hearing everything.
  4. The coaches, players and public will see you ass a professional referee-team by using a communication system because it helps to take correct(er) decisions.
  5. A communication system contributes to the performance of a referee, but may also contribute to the development of a referee. From a certain game level, the referees have a referee coach. The referee coach takes a look during competitions to see the performance of the referees and judge them. During a match a referee coach (which has an AXIWI communication system) can listen to the communication between the referees and hear exactly what they referees are saying and how they react on specific game situations. For this reviewer the communication system is very valuable because he can better judge the actions of the referees. This information will directly included in the evaluation after the match.
  6. During a game it may happen that things happen outside the field that influence the course of the game. For example emotional coaches or public. If you provide an official outside the field, with a communication system and connecting it to the referee group, he may suggest referees for disorder if necessary. That works effective for the referees, because they can focus fully on what is happening during the game.

Good luck!

Do you have additions to this list? Please let us know.