AXIWI® Wireless communication system for winter sports

During skiing there is nothing more frustrating than losing each other on the slopes. Despite the good agreements, it often happens that you lose your partner or others from the group. Due to environmental noises such as the wind, you cannot understand each other on the slopes. You can sometimes point the other person in the right direction with shouts and gestures. Not really very relaxed.

AXIWI offers the solution for relaxed skiing. With the AXIWI communication system you can agree where you are going, during skiing, without yelling and shouting. This ensures less standing still and more snow pleasure! That is why AXIWI is also suitable for people with a visual impairment (read here about the possibilities of people with a visual impairment). It is also extremely useful when it is snowing or when there is fog. Visibility can deteriorate to such an extent that you no longer see anything or even each other. With this system you always stay in touch with the rest of the group. If there is anything wrong, it can be communicated directly to the others. With AXIWI you will have a safe and more relaxed winter sport. Have fun!


Opportunities coaching


The AXIWI communication system could be used in several coaching related situations like:

  • Communication between coach and sporter during a training.
  • Communication between a coach and his assistants/staff members during a match.
  • From a certain (professional) game level  referees are assisted by  a referee coach and from any  stand these  coaches  using a communication system are able to  watch  the  referee’s actions and  behaviour.  If needed, the referee coach  is able to  give instant  advice and instructions to the referee.



Experience: Herman Kruis (National coach Belarus women Fieldhockey)


Herman Kruis,  current coach of Belarus women’s hockey team and  former coach of the Dutch women’s hockey team (2006-2008 indoor, 2008-2010 outdoor) ,used the AXIWI communication system to communicate with his staff members during the Indoor Hockey European Championship 2016.

Kruis: ‘’During our matches the team manager and the assistant were  in the dug-out while  the videoman and  I were  positioned high up in the stadium  to get an  overall view . The AXIWI communication system worked   perfectly  and the communication between us was really  well, even in  a crowded stadium   with more than 3,000 wild fans.’


AXIWI Communication System


The AXIWI communication system only weighs  39 grams, has a safety lanyard and a clothing clip. The communication system is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a service life of 8-12 hours. There are various headsets available. The AXIWI communication system allows five people to communicate with each other simultaneously, others can listen in or break  into the conversation.

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