Wireless communication system for education


With this communication system for education you will help improve the verbal communication during lessons or training. AXIWI ® is ideal for both vocational education and theoretical education, and can be used in both practice rooms or big lecture halls.

Students will get their information without interference from other sound sources via a headset or earplugs, which is plugged into the AXIWI. It will help the students concentrate and focus on the information provided and reduce the temptation of non-necessary talk between themselves.




Helping education improve

The system is suitable for both one-way and two-way communication; it easy to switch during a presentation from one-way to two-way and back without a problem. A common problem in education, especially when in a noisy environment or a big lecture hall, is that nobody may hear one student’s vital question. With AXIWI, if a student has a question, they can ask it via the microphone in their headset, and everybody in the classroom will be able to hear the question asked.
AXIWI® has four (4) different channels. The system is ideal for working in small groups if they have to work on a particular project. Each group can use the AXIWI® to easily communicate with each other without the necessity of actually sitting together. The maximum number of people in the audience listening is 248.



AXIWI Communication System


The AXIWI communication system only weighs  39 grams, has a safety lanyard and a clothing clip. The communication system is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a service life of 8-12 hours. There are various headsets available. The AXIWI communication system allows five people to communicate with each other simultaneously, others can listen in or break  into the conversation.

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