AXIWI HE-003 standard headset


This earphone fits comfortably over either ear. A button microphone allows the user to talk. Due to its comfortable shape, the HE-003 can be used for long periods of time without fatigue. As there is no foam covering the earphone, sterile wipes can be used to keep it clean.

Usage application

  • The AXIWI HE-003 headset is commonly used in guided tours by the participating guests.
  • Using a single earpiece allows the user to listen to their surroundings and hear other members of the group.
  • This headset is ideal for situations in which you have to translate for a group of people simultaneously.
  • The earphone is ideal when used for giving instructions during horseback riding.

Product specifications

  • Diameter speaker: 18 mm
  • Connection: 3.5 mm plug
  • Weight: 17 gram

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