The wireless communication system for cyclists

While cycling talking is not the easiest of things, especially when the intensity of your cycling goes above-average pace. The AXIWI communication system for cyclists helps to make conversation between cyclists easier and safer.

In many cases, cyclists are driving behind each other, which does not make it easier to communicate with each other. With the AXIWI® AT-320 or AXIWI® AT-350 duplex 2-way communication system, six cyclists can speak with each other simultaneous, just as they would while having a normal telephone conversation. But more can hear or the communication.

With the AXIWI® headsets, it is easy to communicate in 2-ways without the need for pressing buttons. With the AXIWI® communication system for cyclists, it is easy to warn each other for potentially dangerous situations or to point out a beautiful view, or talk about everyday life.


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The AXIWI communication system for cycling


The unit weighs 39 grams only and has the size of a matchbox. The AXIWI® comes with a safety lanyard, clothes clip and battery that has sufficient power to allow you to communicate for up to 8 hours. If with a group of more than six (6) cyclists, others can break into the conversation(*) provided they also have an AXIWI® unit. Breaking into a ^conversation will require a single press of the “S” button on the AXIWI® radio unit. All members of the group can listen at all times; however, only six (6) persons can speak at the same time.


The AXIWI communication system for cyclists improves safety and fun

In this way you can make the others aware of a dangerous situation, talk about nothing or attend the other to a beautifull spot. The units weighs only 39 gram and has the size of a matchbox, has safety lanyard , a clothclip and sufficient power on board to communicate 8 hours. Other cyclist can listen or break in * to the communication circle provided they also have a AXIWI AT-320 unit

Top referees and officials whistle with AXIWI

The AXIWI communication system is already in use by the (top) referees from several international renowned sports federations.

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AXIWI Communication System


The AXIWI communication system only weighs  39 grams, has a safety lanyard and a clothing clip. The communication system is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a service life of 8-12 hours. There are various headsets available. The AXIWI communication system allows five people to communicate with each other simultaneously, others can listen in or break  into the conversation.

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